VISION was built for you

We fondly call VISION “the most wanted solution.” We went out of our way to get user feedback early and often to make the platform as functional as it is powerful. Because of that, we are always updating and adding features targeted toward users’ needs. See what VISION can do for your organization.

Source and Select

Source ideas.
Select the winners.

Dynamic Pipeline

Advanced pipeline customization adapts to your process.


 Enable voting on the final round and run manager-only, organization-exclusive, or public voting.

Campaign History

Access a full audit log, data, and analytics from all past campaigns.

Submit To Multiple Campaigns

Users can easily submit their ideas to multiple campaigns.


Review campaign analytics including number of entries, awards, funding, and more.

Automated Communications

 Automate emails at select stages of the campaign. Notify participants if they move forward (or do not), when they are awarded, and more.

Build and Track

Build your initiative.
Track your impact.

Initiative Portfolios

View and manage initiatives in parallel with organizational hierarchy.

Return on Mission Effectiveness™

Measure quantitative and qualitative impact throughout the lifecycle of the initiative.

Task Management

Use the Kanban board to track, create, and edit tasks

Real-Time Similarity Tracking

De-duplicate efforts and promote collaboration by discovering similar initiatives.

Team Chat and Collaboration

Add team members to initiatives and communicate directly with collaborators.

Blocker Tracking

Identify, monitor, and overcome blockers as initiatives progress.

Match and Connect

Match with Resources.
Connect instantly.

Emerging Tech Showcase

View companies' products, services, and use cases in the ONLY Marketplace directly connected to where innovation is managed.

Award Data

Easily search public award data in every company profile.

Automated Matching

See recommendations of relevant capabilities that match your initiative’s needs.

Market Research

Discover relevant companies in every stage of your market research.

Thriving Ecosystem

Find other users to connect and collaborate all in one place

Maximize Resources

Capitalize on your whole organization’s resources and opportunities

See what's possible

Our team will give you a personalized tour of VISION.