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Ineffective data. Limited collaboration. Disconnected resources. Unknown redundancies.
Not anymore. Now you can see the whole picture.

Use Cases

VISION Initiative #671
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Eliminate Duplication of Effort

VISION uses rich data to connect similar initiatives so you can be confident your resources are being used efficiently. Using VISION, the Air Force deconflicted 12 separate, disconnected efforts for a Manpower and Aircraft Scheduling Tool. The result was an enterprise solution that saved more than $17 million!

VISION Initiative #988

Innovate at Speed

When everyone can see the same picture, you can ensure the right people and resources work together to find solutions faster. That’s what a unit-level innovation cell did to accelerate R&D for a toolbox. The initiative in VISION was fully de-duplicated at the pre-work stage. A user from an outside organization provided the photos, measurements, and material list to execute the initiative without any new R&D. They got the right solution and went to production well ahead of schedule. That’s the power of connection.

VISION Initiative #2657
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Align Innovation to Strategy

The data structures in VISION unlock the full potential of federal organizations to scale ideas for strategic effect. A senior innovation officer at a headquarters unit identified the impact of a logistics solution with major strategic implications. Because the initiative was in VISION, users with similar needs were connected with the solution to immediately implement it. Visibility at all levels gives innovators the confidence their work is seen, and it gives senior leaders the power of informed choice.

VISION Initiative #3591

Break Down Silos

The federal agencies we work with are solving huge problems across large organizations. Being able to see beyond the walls of one office or organization to collaborate is critical. This means military branches are now connecting across services for the first time. The Navy and the Air Force have identified multiple parallel efforts and are now working together for joint solutions. Tomorrow’s complex problem sets require collaboration at scale. VISION lets you do that.

VISION Initiative #3598

Find Commercial Capabilities

VISION closes the gap between emerging technologies and the government users who need them to innovate faster. We leverage existing SBIR/STTR data to connect you with the capabilities you need – in the same system where innovation is managed. We believe tomorrow’s challenges require the whole of our Nation’s ingenuity, and VISION is making that a reality.

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